A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Brampton Can Assess Your Claim

A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Brampton Can Assess Your Claim

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers: Brampton


Catastrophic injury lawyers in Brampton work to get clients the financial compensation they need. Have you suffered a severe and permanent injury due to an accident? Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover expenses associated with the injury as well as financial compensation for loss of future income, pain and suffering, and more. The definition of catastrophic impairment can be found in Ontario’s standard accident benefits schedule (SABS), and it includes spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, loss of limb, loss of vision, mental and behavioural impairments, and provisions for combining physical and mental or behavioural injuries. Basically, a catastrophic injury is one that is life-changing. In many cases, there is recourse to insurance or a legal claim that can provide substantial damages to the victim. However, each case is unique, and your eligibility for compensation will depend on the circumstances of your case, your life before the accident, and the degree of impairment.


Factors Considered When Assessing a Case


There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which path to pursue following a catastrophic injury. Take the case of Susan, a forty-year-old woman who, before her motor vehicle accident, was a successful self-employed auctioneer. Ever since the accident, Susan has been unable to express herself clearly, due to a traumatic brain injury that will affect her ability to communicate permanently. This meant that she was unable to continue doing the work that she’d been doing for almost twenty years, and she lost her only source of income. Both of these things contributed to an unprecedented bout of depression which has left Susan with feelings of helplessness and despair. Her relationships with family members have also suffered due to both her difficulty with communicating and her mental health issues. After making a claim for a catastrophic impairment, Susan was able to receive a large settlement.


A different accident victim with exactly the same injury that Susan suffered might not receive the same kind of award; a retired person, for example, or one whose ability to continue working in their chosen field might not be able to recover the same damages. If Susan’s work had been, for example, creating websites from home, the injuries might not have had such a dramatic impact on all of the aspects of her life, and her compensation level might not have been as high. Susan’s age and pre-accident income also played a role in the amount of money she received; it was assumed that if the accident had not occurred, Susan would have continued to maintain a high annual income for at least the next twenty-five years. Susan’s health prior to the accident might also have made a difference. If she had previously suffered from depression, for example, that factor may not have been considered in the claim.


Personal Injury Law Firms


If you’ve been injured and are wondering about the options open to you, call a personal injury law firm. These types of cases are complex, and having a lawyer who has experience with personal injury cases is essential. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, call a Brampton personal injury law firm today, and get the compensation you deserve.